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Supporting individuals & organisations

to reach their full potential!

Welcome to The Pivot Point, I'm Lisa Hoad, an executive and career coach specialising in supporting and elevating talented individuals to reach their potential, improve performance, increase effectiveness and accomplish their goals.

I provide a safe space and support to gain awareness and perspective in a non-judgmental, confidential, and thought-provoking environment.

I will help you leverage your pivot point by supporting you to gain self-awareness, explore your goals and objectives, consider all the options, circumvent any obstacles, and develop leadership and career skills.

One of the most significant benefits of coaching are the paradigm shifts that lead to measurable performance results - be it personal or organisational. Together we will focus on moving from the distraction of constant firefighting to a place of effectiveness where you can be the leader you want to be and have the career you desire.


I'm not a formulaic or traditional coach. This is a specific choice; I wish to support you in achieving permanent positive behavioural change and attain your long-term goals. My approach allows you to develop your capabilities and interpersonal skills and grow your capacity to understand and empathise with others.

I work with executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate organisations, and business owners to refine, augment and advance everything from mindset to leadership competencies and business strategy.

Wherever you are and whatever stage you are at, I'd like to help. Please get in contact so we can arrange a time to chat.

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Lisa Hoad - Executive Coach

We can all find fulfilment in our lives and work if we are supported to develop personally and professionally.

My Coaching Style

Making careers enjoyable, life fulfilling and organisations better places to work!


I believe that we bring our whole selves to work, so I coach holistically. Using The Pivot Point performance foundations model and coaching framework, I provide an individually tailored coaching approach, which emphasises building on health foundations, gaining mind management and developing career competencies that allow you to thrive and achieve your aspirations.

How Can I Help You?

Executive and Career coaching develops both competencies & confidence to succeed.

Together, we explore challenges, establish goals and take action.

Senior Leadership Development | Career Development & Pivots | Flightpath Development & Role Transitions | Business and Organisation Objectives | Work/Life Balance | Confidence | 100 Day Plans | Emotional and Social Intelligence | Cultural Change |  Competencies and Skills Development | Removal of Obstructions and Barriers to Progression | Secondments

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