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Empowering, Professional and Committed


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Every session is thoughtful, dynamic and honest, leaving you feeling empowered and free.  I was sceptical about what a coach could do for me before I met Lisa, but I'm now converted to the power of the approach and the potential it unlocks.

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Credibility is key, and Lisa has this through significant real-life experience. Lisa challenges in a structured, friendly and safe way, and flexes sessions quickly and adeptly when required.

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Highly Recommended

During my time with Lisa as an executive coach, she assisted me through a period of change regarding my career path. I would highly recommend Lisa as an Executive Coach to other C Suite professionals.

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Elegant Challenge

Lisa has a particularly elegant way of applying challenge without it feeling in any way intimidating – yet it has the same effect.

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Professional & Committed

Lisa is professional in her approach, has access to a range of valuable tools and resources, and is committed to making a real difference.

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Lisa is a great coach with exactly the right balance of empathy, fun and firmness. 

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