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Developing competencies and confidence - together


The Pivot Point is a Executive Coaching brand created and owned by Ringwood Edge Ltd


Ringwood Edge Ltd/Lisa Hoad will work within the professional ethics and guidelines as designated by the Global Code of Ethics.  All information about the Coach/Client relationship will remain strictly confidential except under the following circumstances:


  • From time to time, the Coach will discuss their work with their Coaching Supervisor.  Supervision is a required professional practice and helps ensure the Coach maintains high and ethical standards.  The Supervisor is bound by the same code of ethics and confidentiality as the Coach.

  • If the Coach believes the Client is at risk of harming him/herself or others, the Coach reserves the right to break confidentiality to prevent harm.  The coach would only do this under extreme circumstances and would discuss with the Client first.

  • If required by law to give evidence, e.g. in criminal proceedings.

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