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Developing competencies and confidence - together


Executive and Career coaching develops both competencies & confidence to achieve the client's aspirations and the organisationʼs objectives. Together, we explore challenges, establish goals and take action.

Packages include the following and bespoke sessions can be arranged:

  • An agreed series of sessions (minimum of 1.5 hours duration)

  • In-person or online consultations available

  • Comprehensive notes for each session

  • Action Logs

  • Resource Links & Recommendations

  • TypeFinder Profile (founded on Myers Briggs)

  • DISC Profile (Workplace Behavioural Style)

  • 360 Feedback (Teams, Peers & Seniors)

  • Personal Boardroom Licence

Please Note: In person consultations are currently suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Senior Leadership Development

Developing effective leadership skills requires self-awareness of one's own values, motives, behaviours and a core understanding of motivating others and communicating successfully. From this understanding comes the confidence to develop strategies and take decisions based on sound critical thinking.  Coaching supports you through this empowering development process.

Flight Path Development & Role Transitions

Achieving flight path goals or transitioning roles can be a daunting experience; however, it can become an exciting and empowering time in your career with a coach's support. Where you can identify and develop the necessary skills and competencies to succeed in your new role.

Work/Life Balance

Work/life is an area that most people struggle with. Human motivations and fears drive us to focus intently on being successful in our careers. It often causes us to lose sight of what matters; whether it's family and friends, our health and wellbeing or time available to pursue hobbies or creative endeavours. Coaching can support you to find your balance without sacrificing your career aspirations. A balanced life ultimately leads to us becoming the best version of ourselves and giving our peak performance

Emotional and Social Intelligence

People are unique; a creation of genetics, upbringing, experiences and cultural environment. An individual's ability to have self-awareness and self-regulation with the capacity to empathise and manage relationships is paramount to achieve success in all areas of life. Research indicates that Emotional Quotient (EQ) is equal or of greater importance than Intellectual Quotient (IQ) for performance. Organisations are fast realising that it is a crucial leadership skill that directly affects an individual's success and an organisation's culture, effectiveness and profitability.

Career Development & Pivots

Developing or even pivoting careers is a tricky business if you don't have a clear vision of what you want to achieve out of life and work. Creating the plan becomes relatively easy and actionable, once you know where you are going. As Steven Covey said 'Start with the end in mind'. Coaching guides you through each step of the process.

Business & Organisation Objectives

Competing demanding objectives can leave you with a feeling of 'I don't know where to start' and difficulty focusing on those actions that will secure personal and business performance. Coaching provides a safe, confidential and inspiring environment to explore options, gain perspective and take action.


Confidence can be an elusive beast for us all at times. Coaching can support you to create solid foundations to build self-confidence that is resilient to external factors. Throughout our careers, we will have to do things that stretch our current competency level. We will make mistakes and experience setbacks; however, the capacity to remain assured and confident in demanding situations will enable high performance and reduce stress.

Competencies and Skills Development

Feedback is crucial to understanding your current competencies and skill levels. As can self-analysis, using a mixture of tools, coaching allows you to identify key strengths and consider how to put them to best use. It also helps you recognises development opportunities.

Cultural Change

Organisational change can be problematic and slow to take hold, particularly if leaders behaviours do not align with the organisational values. Either individual coaching or senior leadership team coaching can bring awareness and perspective to workplace behaviours and their impact; leading to long-term change.

Removal of Obstructions and Barriers to Progression

We all have periods in our career where we feel stuck; unable to move forward to meet our goals and objectives. Coaching provides a safe, confidential and inspiring space to gain perspective, explore issues and find creative solutions.

100 Day Plans

Whether you are new to a business or a senior leadership role; a robust 100-day plan is crucial to understanding how the organisation and its culture work, forging alliances with peers, understanding the business model and strategic priorities, articulating your vision and achieving your objectives.


I believe that we bring our whole selves to work, so I coach holistically. Using The Pivot Point performance foundations model and coaching framework, I provide an individually tailored coaching approach, which emphasises building on health foundations, gaining mind management and developing career competencies that allow the client to thrive and achieve their aspirations.

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